Technical market leader

Learning Hospital was set up together with development teams and doctors over a period of 32 months. In the first year alone, more than 3,000 doctors from universities, hospitals and private practice from 70 countries registered to become part of this exclusive network. The digital medical training academy, which was developed in a very short space of time, has now achieved benchmark status and is committed to continuous development: Technical features are continuously tested in in-house development environments so that they can then be integrated into the platform in a secure and system-compatible manner, as Peter Spieß explains.


Digital university courses

The training courses offered on the platform are certified: for example, an independent Lecture Board reviews the courses, enabling the award of DFP points (diploma training program) for Austria and “Continuing medical education points” for Europe. Learning Hospital is now also a platform partner for private universities in the development of digital medical university courses and other continuing education programs.


Prominent team members

For Learning Hospital, Peter Spieß and his team were able to recruit Professor Reinhard Graf, the former medical director of Stolzalpe in Murau – one of the largest orthopaedic hospitals in Austria – as a testimonial. Professor Graf is regarded as the inventor of the ultrasound examination of the infant hip – Graf hip sonography – an examination method for babies born prematurely that is now recognized worldwide. Professor Graf and many other colleagues now offer several specialist training courses in German and English at Learning Hospital – and demand is high.