Open your high end online training center


LEARNING HOSPITAL is a platform that offers certified medical training in addition to a large network of thousands of doctors and an event area.

Learning Hospital arose from Peter Spiess’s vision of sharing knowledge in the healthcare sector and offering innovative training platforms for hospitals, organisations and doctors.

Education is the lighting of a flame,
not the filling of a vessel. (Socrates)

The platform has achieved benchmark status through constant further development and the use of new features in its own development environments. Due to numerous requests, “YOUR.LEARNING…” was finally launched.

This is an individually tailored solution for your own training platform or for a digital training centre in high-end format.


You benefit from the successful model of the LEARNING HOSPITAL platform.

This means you buy a ready-made solution with hardware, software, infrastructure and a permanent super administrator:

  • Your training centre gets your desired design and content.
  • You achieve a better reach for your courses, lectures, webinars, events and sponsors.
  • You have 100 per cent of your revenue from your platform at your disposal.


“Interesting knowledge should benefit everyone. I link the knowledge from my analogue lectures digitally via the Learning Hospital platform. Practical future-orientation in knowledge transfer is the top priority here.” 

Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Reinhard Graf, “Ultrasound of the infant hip according to Graf”


  • Learning Hospital was developed by doctors and development teams led by Viennese entrepreneur Peter Spiess over a period of 32 months.
  • In the first year, more than 3,000 doctors from universities, hospitals and private practices registered.
  • After the fourth month, the demand for paid e-learning courses increased by more than 400 per cent, as did the number of independently entered events.
  • Learning Hospital is committed to testing promising new technical features in the development environment so that they can then be exported to your platform in a secure and system-compatible manner.
  • Learning Hospital is a platform partner for universities in the development of digital university courses.
  • Learning Hospital is a platform partner for medical societies in the development of continuing education programs.



“The main motivation for me to set up Learning Hospital was the high number of cost-cutting measures in regional hospitals. At the same time, there is a great deal of medical knowledge among doctors, nurses and specially trained staff in each of these hospitals. The idea was to make this knowledge available to all people – no matter where they are – at all times.

The fact that we now offer “YOUR.LEARNING…” was another logical step in the realisation of this successful idea.

This enables all people, organisations and companies active in the education and training sector to share their own knowledge in a high-quality and profitable way. Regardless of whether the target group is colleagues, customers, patients, athletes, pupils or students.

“Now you have the opportunity to implement your own customized high-end education and training platform. Just try it out!”

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