Open platform for continuing medical education

Learning Hospital is an open platform for continuing medical education.

Our mission is to ensure that medical knowledge benefits all of humanity.

At Learning Hospital you have the opportunity to set up and offer your own medical training course, alone or together with your colleagues. It is an independent, private initiative to share medical know-how globally.

Simple and powerful platform

Over the years we have found most specialized training systems to be overblown, buggy, slow and difficult to use. So, we started with a simple goal: to create a specialized training platform that is both simple and powerful.


Globally accessible via WEB and APP

Learning Hospital is an independent, private initiative to share medical knowledge globally.

Easy and beneficial in everyday use

We make continuing medical education easy and beneficial for everyone.

Med-Courses + Med-Calendar + Med-Community

Three interlinked areas form the core structure of Learning Hospital in which you can work and publish via Web and App. Medical spezialists build “Med-Courses”. They market it and post events in the “Med-Calendar”. Users chat and share know-how in the “Med-Community”.

Quality assurance

Start and build your digital Med-Courses – Medical quality assurance is mandatory for all users publishing Med-Courses. Publish your weekly events and validate your medical diagnoses in your secure community.

Secure registration process

Registration is exclusively allowed for medical specialists, young doctors, advanced practice clinicians and medical students. Register and wait for your account to be approved. Usually we respont per Email within a view hours.

We care about your rights

All content, images and other media you submit remain your property. You own the copyright to your new build courses. Your courses and all content can be removed at any time if you wish.

Platform for continuing medical education

Learning Hospital is intended to give medical specialists, young doctors, advance practice clinicians and advanced medical students the free opportunity to easily organize continuing medical education and support it with digital formats.

Market your medical expertise

Doctors share and market their medical Know-how in the form of high-end digital Med-Courses. Your course carries your corporate idendity. The Learning Hospital Team makes your knowledge digitally marketable for you and expandable at any time. We love to support you!

University Learning

“University Learning” is a dedicated user area for professors and students.

It is a defined processes through which med-students demonstrate their mastery of the theories, evidence-base and skills associated with a discipline and the graduate qualities required of university.

LOGIN to your LH-account and enter your user area.


Revenue Share for E-Learning Courses

To cover development and marketing costs, we agree on a 20% share of revenue in favor of Learning Hospital.

We thank all sponsors for making this platform possible

We do our best to finance Learning Hospital and with the help of sponsors.