What is Learning Hospital?

Learning Hospital (LH) is an open platform for continuing medical education. To share medical know-how globally.
At Learning Hospital you have the free opportunity to set up and offer your own medical training course, alone or together with your colleagues.

How to work with Learning Hospital?

Three interlinked areas form the core structure of Learning Hospital in which you can work and publish via Web and App. Build “Med-Courses” and publish it once you’re ready. Additionally you can post events in the “Med-Calendar”. And you can chat and share know-how in the “Med-Community” (create groups, forums, invite others, upload fotos, videos…). You can do all of this internal or public.

What’s about the quality of courses?

Medical quality assurance is mandatory for all users publishing Med-Courses. We support all users to build and publish their Med-Courses!

Registration > Login

Registration is exclusively allowed for medical specialists, young doctors, advanced practice clinicians, medical students and biologists. Login to your Med-Account via WEB and APP.


The E-Builder is the instructor-area for continuing medical education. Approval is given by the management of Learning Hospital.

Who is the owner of the Med-Course

Each doctor becomes the author and owner of the Med-Course.

Med-Course Price – 20% revenue share

The author of the Med-Course will set the price. Learning Hospital receives 20% revenue share to cover the Fix-costs of the platform. The remaining revenue is shared between the doctor and the medical professional organizations in the respective country.

What is University Learning

Learning Hospital offers an University Learning user area. University Learning is a processes through which med-students demonstrate their mastery of the theories, evidence-base and skills associated with a discipline as well as a university’s required graduate attributes. Login to your account and enter your University Learning area.

What is the mission and the vision of Learning Hospital?

Our mission is to ensure that medical knowledge benefits all of humanity.
LH is build to share medical know-how globally. Supporting basic medical research. We are constantly pursuing our vision to implement the best ideas in the hospital.

Why to use the open platform for continuing medical education – Learning Hospital?

a. Build and market your digital Med-Courses
b. Consume digital Med-Courses globally
c. Share your skills in your digital Med-Course
d. Publish your actual personal contact details in the Med-Community
e. Link your personal contact details with your digital Med-Course
f. Invite your collegues in your Med-Community
g. Chat and share with your collegues in the Med-Community
h. Publish medical events in the Med-Calendar
i. Support your medical research projects
j. Achieve a topic leadership (e.g. orthopedics > infant hip) with your digital Med-Course
k. Market your skills locally, regionally, globally in your Med-Course and the Med-Calendar
l. Work internally, nationally or globally with the Med-Calendar and the Med-Community

Who is behind Learning Hospital?

Learning Hospital is an independent, private initiative to share medical know-how globally.

How much does it cost me to build, post and market my Med-Courses on Learning Hospital?

Learning Hospital is an open platform for continuing medical education without entrance fee.

Can you help me to build, publish and market my Med-Courses on Learning Hospital?

Yes, in the case you would like to order our support to design, install, publish and/or market your medical E-Learning Course than we offer to order our services. Our team will treat your request with the utmost care.

Can you help me to sell my E-Learning courses on Learning Hospital?

Yes, if you wish, we can market your medical expertise in the form of top-class E-Learning courses. For fast line support see our “Support” icon.

Do I need to register by taking existing Med-Courses?

No, just in the case a Med-Course you’d like to take does request for it; see MedCourses.

Do I need to register if I like to build my own Med-Course = Access to E-Builder?

Yes, access to the E-Builder is exclusively allowed for registered users; see your secured E-Builder platform.

How can I upload text, pictures, documents, audio or video files to my Post or E-Learning course?

All features are self descriptive; if you need support contact our fast line support.

What kind of media can be used in LH Med-Courses?

Any media can be used in your Med-Courses – this includes, but is not limited to:
Images: jpg, jpeg, png, gif (svg requires a plugin)
Documents: pdf, psd (Adobe Photoshop), all Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Excel formats
Audio: mp3, m4a, ogg, wav
Video: mp4, m4v, mov, wmv (but we typically recommend a video hosting service, like Vimeo, Wistia, Amazon S3, etc. to avoid overloading your host/server.)
Our automatic video progression feature supports the following video platforms:
Self-hosted videos (uploaded to the Media Library): YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Amazon S3


At Learning hospital, we believe that privacy is fundamental to a healthy internet.
That’s why we design Learning Hospital and all of our products to give you more control over the information you share online and the information you share with us. Our goal is to capture only what is necessary to improve Learning Hospital for all users.

Who can see what I save as user on Learning Hospital?

Only you can see your text, pictures, papers, documents, audio or video files. However, you can also determine whether you want to share certain content and information just with your colleagues or SEO (Search Engine Optimized) friendly with the world wide web. The settings on Learning Hospital allow you to keep your content internally, to publish it or to share it with your colleagues.

Where and how secure is the Learning Hospital data stored?

The data is managed separately by our German high-end managed hosting provider Domain Factory, provided with Extended SSL certificates and are packed in quotas.

Can I download my data from Learning Hospital?

Yes, you can easily download or delete your data from Learning Hospital via WEB and APP.
For Videos we suggest to create your own account on vimeo, youtube…. It does not cost much but gives you 100% overview over your videos to be used where and when ever you want. For support

Is communication and sharing on Learning Hospital secure?

Yes, all data processed at Learning Hospital is encrypted from the end device to the server and transmitted in encrypted form from the server to the end device. The same 256-bit encryption is used that is also state-of-the-art for highly confidential banking transactions.

What personal data is processed on Learning Hospital?

The data (login data, profile data) that we received from you during registration will be processed to fulfill the Learning Hospital service. Your profile with your name is only visible to other users within Learning Hospital and/or in the world wide web if you want it to be.