• LEARNING HOSPITAL (LH) was developed by doctors and development teams under the leadership of Viennese entrepreneur Peter Spiess over a period of 32 months.
  • In the 1st year, + 3000 doctors from universities, hospitals and private practice registered.
  • After the 4th month, the demand for paid e-learning courses increased by more than 400%, as did the number of independently added event.
  • LH aims to test promising new technical features in the LH development environments in order to then be able to integrate them into your platform as secure and system compatible.
  • LH is a platform partner for private universities in the development of digital medical University courses.
  • LH is a platform partner for medical societies in the development of med. training center.

You can benefit from the successful model of the Learning Hospital platform:


If you are interested, please call us! Tel. +43 1890 56 55

Managing partner: Mag. iur. Peter Spiess, EMBA


Learning Hospital

Vienna, Vienna